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37th Annual
George Paul Memorial Bull Riding

Friday, April 25, 2014 at 8:00 PM
Saturday April 26, 2014 at 8:00 PM
Val Verde County Fairgrounds,
2006 N. Main St., Del Rio, Texas

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M-F  9am - 5pm

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Del Rio Feed & Supply
111 East Gibbs

Cowboy John's
611 East Gibbs in Del Rio.

Bull Riders, Bull Teams, Bounty Bull and Big Bucks
What it all means!

Years ago, a producer would hire a stock contractor to bring bulls to the George Paul Memorial. The stock contractor would contact other rodeo stock owners and they would pool their bulls to put on the event. Whoa! Things have changed mightily in the past seven years.
Bull owners now bring their bulls to the George Paul, pay an entry fee and compete among themselves to determine who has the best bulls on Saturday night. If their team of three has the highest scores at the end of the e vent on Saturday night, the bull team owner gets a check for 25K. Bulls are now prized animals for their ability to 1) buck and 2) sire little buckers. Of course, the cow the bulls breed to is a large factor. Some believe that 75% of the bulls bucking ability comes from the mother. That’s right. The cow.
No longer are bucking bulls scoffed at as Mc Donald’s prospects. Good bucking bulls fetch a healthy price. GREAT bucking bulls are as valuable as any good race horse. The world of bucking bull owners has also changed. Now, syndicates of friends pool their money and pay for the care, feeding, training and transportation of their prized animals to and from events like the George Paul. Because they compete for prize money, they are also considered, like race horses, as a tax shelter. Bucking bulls are a business. A big business. Space and time eliminates a lot of statistics however, listen at the announcers at the 37th George Paul Memorial and learn more about these high prized and priced athletes of the arena. The bulls that is.
Bull riders have also become beneficiaries of standalone bull riding events. When Bobby Paul and family started the George Paul Memorial to honor their son and brother, little did they realize how big the standalone bull riding industry would become. Estimates now range from a multi-million dollar industry to over a billion dollars. Bull riders have become a top entertainment commodity and their life risking efforts are finally being rewarded. Millions of dollars in prize money nationally are at stake yearly and with only a short competitive life span, rewards are becoming more in line with risk. Not completely, but much better than years ago. If you consider that riders on the professional bull riding circuit are in the teens, by the time they are in their late twenties or early thirties, most have peaked or are past their prime. Too often they leave the sport with pins, nuts and bolts attaching bones and permanent lifelong injuries but, the freedom, thrill, lifestyle and adreneline rush are worth the risk bull riders argue prize money now makes the risk more enticing and as it gets better, so will the sport of riding bulls attract talented bull riding athletes.
At the 37th George Paul Memorial Bull Riding, Ram Country owner Nick Khoury appreciates athletes, especially bull riders. Khoury’s generosity can be exhibited as the title sponsor of the George Paul Memorial for over 15 years. Ask why he continues to sponsor the world famous event his reply is simple. “I appreciate the athletic ability of these men and they do it knowing their time to compete is limited by age and ability.” When further asked why he wants to give a truck away to a contestant if he can ride the Ram Country Bounty Bull his answer is a little longer but candid and to the point. “I don’t give anything away to these guys. They earn the chance to ride the Bounty Bull on Friday night if they have the highest score of all 40 riders. If they can ride the Ram Country Bounty Bull then they have earned the keys to a Ram 2500 diesel, crew cab truck, loaded Ram truck. The Bounty Bulls aren’t unrideable; they are just extremely hard to ride. I applaud every bull rider that can make qualifying for the George Paul and wish all of them success.” When asked if he pulls for the bull or the rider his answer is short. “The rider.” He continued, “Two years ago I had the pleasure of awarding a Ram truck to the rider who bested the Ram Bounty Bull. I was happy for weeks afterward because I had been able to help a guy get down the road in a dependable truck that meant a great deal to him and his wife and their soon-to-be-born child. I hope to have that feeling again this year knowing I helped a young professional bull rider perhaps achieve his dream of becoming the Championship Bull Riding 2014 World Champion.” He turned to walk away, stopped, laughed and looked back and replied, “Of course, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if he is driving a 2500 Ram Country yellow Bounty Bull truck that says Ram Country, Del Rio, TX.”

April 25 & 26, Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM are performance times for the 37th George Paul Memorial Bull Riding. Tickets are on sale at Del Rio Feed and Supply and the Val Verde County Fairgrounds Office from 9-5, Monday through Friday. MasterCard, Visa and Discover Card accepted.

The 37th George Paul Memorial Bull Riding is brought to you by title sponsor, Ram Country of Del Rio, Bud Light, Ramada Inn, Del Rio Feed and Supply, USMC and Tractor Supply.

37th George Paul Memorial Bull Riding on tap for April 25 & 26

Bobby Paul, brother of the 1968 RCA (PRCA forerunner) World Champion Bull Rider announced the dates for this year’s event today. The 37th edition of the oldest, continuous bull riding in the world will be held on Friday and Saturday nights April 25 & 26 starting at 8:00 PM nightly. Paul advised “My mother, brother and sister and I started this event to honor George after his untimely death in 1970 in a plane accident near Kemmerer, WY. It has always been a fan favorite with folks from all over the world including Mexico, Latin America, South America, Europe, Japan and China. I probably left out some other countries but, not intentionally. Fans from all over America and Canada have come to this event and this is a great asset to the Del Rio economy. We are the biggest event in Del Rio each year and we will always try and be the best bang for the buck for our community”.

The nationally televised Fox Sports Network event is delayed telecast and is the last major stop on the road to the Championship Bull Riding World Championships held in July in Cheyenne, WY. Paul continued, “Cheyenne is one of the last rodeos George competed in before he died and I think it is great that the Championship Bull Riding World Champion will be crowned in Cheyenne.
George Paul continues to hold the record at 79 for the most consecutive bull rides in history. That 46 year record is not in jeopardy according to Bobby Paul. “The closest that anyone has come to beating George’s record is 38 and that is held by Tuff Hedeman, four-time world champion bull rider from Morgan Mill, TX. Hedeman said from Fort Worth, home of Championship Bull Riding headquarters, “All bull riders know when you say George Paul that he was one of the greatest bull riders of all time. They also know that the event in Del Rio is where bull riders determined that stand alone bull riding could be a viable event on its own and is the cornerstone for all standalone bull riding’s in the world. We might have figured out that only bull riding events would attract large crowds eventually but, probably not as quick if it hadn’t been for what Bobby Paul and his family had done.”
The 37th edition of the George Paul Memorial will be delayed telecast on Fox Sports Network internationally.
Championship Bull Riding will once again sanction the event for the seventh consecutive year. Benny Cude, CBR CEO and Carl Willburn, President of CBR issued a joint statement saying, “We are honored that for the seventh year CBR has been selected by Bobby Paul and John Ludlum as the sanctioning organization for the historic George Paul Memorial and we will continue to bring the best bull riders and bulls that the knowledgeable bull riding fans of Del Rio demand and expect. This is our last televised event before the world championships in Cheyenne so bull riders, all riders will be trying to gain a spot on the roster for a shot at the CBR world championship buckle and the additional $100,000 that is awarded the 2014 world champion”.

Tickets are on sale at Del Rio Feed and Supply and the Val Verde County Fairgrounds box office. Hours for the office are 9-5, Monday through Friday and the office may be contacted by phone at 830-775-9595. Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card are accepted.
The 37th George Paul Memorial Bull Riding is brought to you by title sponsor, Ram Country of Del Rio, Bud Light, Ramada Inn, Del Rio Feed and Supply, Studio 6, Tractor Supply, USMC and Championship Bull Riding, Fort Worth, TX.
Next week, The 37th George Paul Memorial Bull Riding format for 2014.


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